paganHARVEST arise out of the English pastoral tradition. The trio comprise a modern classical composer / arranger / guitarist with prog influences, a folk singer / songwriter, a versatile bass player. These creative musicians combine powerful lyrics set within strong melodic frameworks to produce thought provoking music they describe as Avant Prog Folk.

The sound of paganHARVEST is inspired not only by the land but also by others in the tradition.The pastoral tradition in England is the tradition of artists being inspired by the land. It can be traced from Shakespeare through Traherne, Wordsworth, Coleridge, up to Burnside today. Tolkein spent as many pages describing the English landscape as he did telling his story. Kenneth Grahame gave us the Piper at the Gates of Dawn. In music people like Walton and Delius have conjured the wonder and mystery of the land in sound. The long tradition of folk music and the Arts and Crafts movement from William Morris onwards have been based upon the way we fit into and respond to our landscape.

Damascus video - 5:56

Rebecca Falls video - 12:34

paganHARVEST are: Jon Bickley, Lawrence Reed, and Steve Daymond.


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